Firearms Training Courses

MDTS has become known as one of the premiere professional firearms training and self defense providers in the Northeast. Considered by many to be the “next level” in firearms and self defense training once a handgun license is secured or long-gun purchased. Students and instructors are held to a high standard of proficiency and class tempo is paced at comfortable yet challenging levels. Having worked with 1000+ clients per year since 1998, owner and lead instructor Chris Fry has unique experience presenting information in an easy to learn, practical manner. Clients can expect to improve during a class and have the knowledge to continue improving

What MDTS Training Can Do For You

MDTS offers a variety of firearm courses for the responsible armed civilian or individual looking to better protect themselves or others. We have conducted training for corporations, schools, law enforcement departments, groups, businesses and organizations. Class sizes range from 5-300 plus depending on subject matter. Our goal is to provide up to date, realistic and practical firearms and self defense training. Each course utilizes proven adult learning strategies and methods essential to proper integration, retention and recall of skills.

Check the MDTS  Course schedule  for information on classes available in your area.