Chris Fry

Chris oversees the PFC Group of Companies training and all enterprise operations. An experienced business owner, manager, project manager, and instructor with over twenty-five years of experience within the personal defense, firearms, and security training industry, Chris is skilled at instructing multiple disciplines, managing teams, online marketing, and consulting military, law enforcement, private sector, and civilian clients. Chris has been a PFC friend, partner, student, instructor, and senior advisor since 2001. Chris has worked part-time as a Protection Agent for PFC Safeguards and has been an adjunct instructor with PFC since 2003.
Chris is a lifelong student of interpersonal conflict with instructor certifications in various martial arts, including a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, firearm tactical training programs, and the NRA. Additionally, Chris has graduated from numerous commercial handgun, shotgun, carbine, and tactical training courses conducted by industry experts and schools, totaling over a thousand hours of training. Chris is a Modern Samurai Project-endorsed red dot instructor and a certified AR15/M4/M16 and Glock armorer. Chris has contributed to various online firearms resource websites and podcasts and is a frequent presenter at personal protection and small arms training conferences for civilians and law enforcement.
Chris formed MDTS Training in 1998, conducting mobile training courses focused on civilian personal protection, with and without weapons. Through MDTS, Chris instructed and coached 1000-plus clients annually over 20 years. Chris has unique experience presenting information in an easy-to-learn, practical manner. Chris’s clients improve during class and know how to continue improving independently.
Finally, Chris is part of the “ShivWorks Collective,” a collective mind trust of multidisciplinary-oriented instructors. The collective includes Craig Douglas, Cecil Burch, Larry Lindenman, Paul Sharp, and the late William April. These instructors have worked together for nearly 20 years to introduce clients to an integrated approach to self-defense and personal combative improvement in weapons-based environments.


Good Morning, Chris —
I wanted to send you this short e-mail to thank you for such a fabulous, informative, comprehensive life-changing pistol training class. Felt a wonderful rapport not only with you, but with Jason and all of the attendees. You taught me sooo much and I really appreciate your passion and desire to help me and others become responsible gun owner(s). Now I am more convinced than ever that my newly acquired skills will help meet my goal of becoming a more skilled precision shooter to enter competitions in the future. My plan is to visit the range once a month for live shooting and attend your class again (along with the low light class) in early fall of this year.
Best Regards,

Veronica M., Williamsville N.


What MDTS Training Can Do For You

MDTS offers a variety of firearms courses for the responsible armed civilian or individual looking to better protect themselves or others. We have conducted training for corporations, schools, law enforcement departments, groups, businesses and organizations. Class sizes range from 5-300 plus depending on subject matter. Our goal is to provide up to date, realistic and practical firearms and self defense training. All programs of instruction utilize proven adult learning strategies and methods essential to proper integration, retention and recall of skills.


I would really like to thank you for an excellent course this weekend! Had a great time but most important is that I went home with tons of excellent skills and information. Been teaching krav maga classes for years and know how hard it is to magage time, keep students interested, SAFE and learning. I have to do this in 55 min and I dont know how you plan so well for 8 hours! A great progression of training to terminate with a (humbling) drill that takes all of the skills taught all day into a 3 min skill set. Again, thank you very much!
Thanks Chris and be safe always,
Fran F., M.D., Long Island N.


Check the Reviews section of the MDTS Facebook page to see more feedback. Clients include men, women, Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel, school administrators and business owners.