A weakness of the Glock M.O.S. (modular optic system) is the need for an adapter plate for the optic you mount. The red dot specific plate requires two screws to attach the adapter to the handgun and two additional screws to attach the red dot optic to the adapter plate creating four possible points of failure. With use, shearing of these screws may occur. 

Here is a tip I picked up from @pcb603 and retired LVMPD Master Armorer J. Word, who conducted some of the first RMR testings. Using 3M ultra-thin double-sided adhesive tape helps minimize the slight movement of the OEM Glock adapter plate and mitigate the shearing of the adapter plate screws. ⁣

I recommend a custom fit adapter plate over this hack, but this is an option to consider if you can’t put an aftermarket plate on.⁣

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