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Controlling Personal Space

Encroachment into your personal space by an unknown contact should always be considered a potential threat.⁣⁣

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is step-by-step instructions to follow for a specific circumstance. ⁣

Consider the following SOP to cease encroachment and control the space around you:⁣

1) Utilize verbal challenge ⁣

❗️Ask them to stop.⁣

❗️Tell them to stop.⁣

❗️Act ⁣(see #4 below).

2) Set a physical barrier by putting hands up (simultaneously with verbal challenge) ⁣

❗️Hands high to protect your head if necessary.

❗️Arms bent, palms facing contact, to take action effectively, if necessary. ⁣

3) ⁣Use any available physical barriers⁣

❗️Put a table, vehicle, or structural barrier between you, if possible. ⁣

4) Prepare to take action ⁣

❗️Leave or run if you can do so without being harmed.

❗️De-escalate with verbal skills⁣.

❗️Utilize a defensive or offensive tactic. ⁣

Each step assists in controlling personal space when faced with an unknown contact or someone you don’t want to get close to you. ⁣⁣

Distance=Time=Options=Higher Probability of Success & Safety⁣

For consideration in this video: ⁣

I don’t have a backstory but note the pursuant encroachments. ⁣

The subject in the blue shirt is setting a barrier, albeit somewhat weak, with his eft arm. He even tries at a feeble strike. When he tries to leave by turning his back, the pursuer pushes forward aggressively and attempts to grab, and the blue shirt takes effective action. ⁣

Fighting, in many forms, is about movement and who controls the space effectively. ⁣

Control YOUR space, or someone else might. 

How many pre-assault cues do you see? Do you know what a pre-assault cue is and how to identify when you may be in trouble?


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