Three Fixed Blades Under $100

Due to the many requests for buying recommendations stemming from my Small Fixed Blades for Everyday Carry article, here are a few good options if you are in the market. There are a lot of different brands, manufacturers, designs, and custom makers out there, which can make purchasing a bit difficult for the layman. This po st focuses on Small fixed blades (SFB) with a three-inch or under cutting edge. Why small fixed blades?

  • Fixed blades are quicker access when it’s needed.
  • Not a “broken knife” like a folder, so you don’t have to mess with deploying the blade.
  • Fixed blades are generally more robust and safer because they are all one piece.
  • Legal in many jurisdictions ( it’s your responsibility to know and understand the laws regarding carrying a knife. This post is for information purposes only.)
  • Generally easier to carry and conceal.
  • They aren’t combat knives meant for heavy-duty camping chores but are pretty useful for urban and light woodland day-to-day knife utility.

So, here are three great EDC small fixed blades I’ve found and like, under $100. Depending on your need and budget, you should find one that fits you.

$ – CRKT Knives – Folts Minimalist Fixed Blade Knife

CRKT Knives - Folts Minimalist Bowie Fixed Blade Knife, 2in, Bowie Style Clip Point, Black Micarta Handle

Author’s Folts Minimalist Drop Point with custom BladeRigs sheath

The Columbia River Knife and Tool Minimalist line of knives from Alan Folts is a great little production fixed blade. Most of the minimalist lines measure 2 inches. However, their affordability, strength, and ease of carrying make this knife hard to beat. At this price, it’s not uncommon to buy more than one. If you plan to carry this as a neck knife, see here for a few considerations: Choosing A Neck Knife

$ CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie

$$ – ESEE Knives – Izula II w/ Sheath

The Izula is named after the Bullet Ant of Peru because of its lightweight and toughness. Designed by the guys from Randall’s Adventure Training & Equipment Group, they are hard use blades. Blade length for both the Izula 1&2 is 2.6 inches. The only difference is the Izula 2 has a 1/2 inch longer handle and comes with canvas micarta scales.

 ESEE Knives - Izula with Dark Star Gear Sheath

Author’s Izula 1 with custom Dark Star Gear Sheath

$$$  – ShivWorks Product Group – Clinch Pick 

A production version of the Clinch Pick designed by Craig “SouthNarc” Douglas has been long overdue. The clinch pick has been a highly sought-after custom blade in self-defense and defensive knife training circles since ~2007. It features a unique edge up (reverse edge) design meaning the edge is on top when held in a conventional point forward grip. Its revolutionary egg-shaped handle provides a level of retention, unlike any other fixed blade. While the clinch pick is a purpose-driven small fixed blade, it also works well for whatever mundane EDC tasks the user requires a blade for.

Shivworks Product Group - Clinch Pick

Author’s Clinch Pick with custom Dark Star Gear sheath

Three great fixed blade knives for under $100. For custom sheathing check out Dark Star Gear, BladeRigs and although I didn’t include one here I also recommend Veil Solutions.


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