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Controlling Personal Space

  Controlling Personal Space Encroachment into your personal space by an unknown contact should always be considered a potential threat.⁣⁣ A standard operating procedure (SOP) is step-by-step instructions to follow for a specific circumstance. ⁣ Consider the following SOP to… Continue Reading →

Victim Selection

  Victim Selection Look ⬇️ Choose ⬇️ Stalk ⬇️ Close ⬇️ Attack (credit Steve Tarani, Prefense – The 90% Advantage, 2014 ⁣ Predators, animals, and humans follow the same process of victim selection to attack. ⁣ ⁣ Awareness is the… Continue Reading →

Concealed Carry Mistakes

Probably the single biggest mistake of carrying concealed (guns and knives) is “picking.” Frequent touching or adjusting the firearm; done mainly as a reassuring gesture or adjusting after changing a position from sitting to standing. To prevent this, the concealed… Continue Reading →

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