Recommended Reading on Firearms

Here is a list of some recommended reading and favorites from my collection. This list is for firearms only: pistol, shotgun, carbine, and concealed carry from various authors.

The Strategies of Low Light

Green Eyes & Black Rifles

Stay in the Fight!

The Farnham Method of Defensive Shotgun & Rifle Shooting

Combative Fundamentals: An Unconventional Approach

Combative Fundamentals: Pistol Edition

Combative Fundamentals: Carbine Edition

The Farnham Method of Defensive Handgun Shooting

The Book of Two Guns

The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry

Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry Vol 2

Fight at Night

Practical Shooting

Stressfire Vol. 1

The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery

Stressfire Vol. 2

The Defensive Shotgun

Hit or Myth

Tactical Reality

More Tactical Reality

Guns, Bullets and Gunfights

Jim Cirillo’s Tales of the Stakeout Squad

Carbine and Shotgun Speed Shooting

Combat Rifle Marksmanship Exercises

Tactical Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun and Submachine Gun

Police Shotgun Manual

The Art of the Rifle

The Tactical Pistol

Building Shooters

The Snubby Revolver

Gun Digest Book of the Revolver


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