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I would really like to thank you…


I would really like to thank you for an excellent course this weekend! I had a great time but most important is that I went home with tons of excellent skills, drills and information. I have been teaching krav maga classes for years and I know how hard it is to magage time, keep students interested, SAFE and learning all at the same time. I have to do this in 55 min and I dont know how you plan so well for 8 hours! A great progression of training skill sets to terminate with a (humbling) drill that takes all of the skills we were taught all day into a 3 min skill set.

Again, thank you very much!

Thanks Chris and be safe always,

Fran F., M.D., Long Island N.Y.


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  1. Rob Semlitsch says:

    Practical Pistol Skills 1 training class was great! Chris is full of knowledge and expertise. His teaching skills are down to earth and to the point. I learned so much in this 8 hour training – most importantly better shooting technique. The topics were interesting, and the range work was outstanding. I highly recommend Chris and ANY of the classes he offers. I look forward to another class with MDTS in the future. A+++++

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