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I am often critical…

Hey Chris,


My name is Robert I was at the course this past weekend.


I have been involved in self defense for many years, I have trained in many disciplines since I was a kid, about 10 years ago I became involved with RBSD, I have trained in Senshido, Blauer Tactical, Attackproof and many other’s.


So now that you know my experience you can appreciate my comments. This was my first live fire pistol course and I thought it was perfect, it was exactly the introduction a person should have into using a handgun. Your analysis of pre-contact psychology, while brief was right on, I can see you have plenty of experience in adrenaline stress conditioning and response and have done plenty of research on the realities of violence.


I am often very critical of people who claim to be experts in self protection especially when they neglect to address the myriad of things that occurs prior to a confrontation (Preparation, Avoidance, Awareness, Escape, De-escalation). Individuals who only focus on the physicality of violence and the Technic’s are missing out on the strategies and tactics that setup conflict resolutions before they even start.


The fact that you could summarize these things quickly and succinctly showed that you had a high level of understanding in this area. I did catch a few references to NLP/NAC which I thought was pretty cool too, I’m a big fan of communication, I think listening and understand what others are saying is a lost art.


One thing I found especially important was when you briefly discussed associating with the attacker and speaking their language, creating a rapport with them. Most RBSD training looks down on demonstrative behavior during the de-escalation stage (except Geoff Thompson), which may work in many places but I think in New York it’s a little different, I feel like you can always backpedal from being assertive by apologizing but responding to confrontation from timidly sets the tone for the engagement, it creates the predator/prey paradigm where you are on the prey end of things.


Honestly I could go on and on about RBSD but I’m sure I’ve already killed a lot of your time. I could easily point out 100’s of things I enjoyed about your training. However I will finalize with this, in terms of shooting skill, when I first shot the SDR HI, I hit 2 center mass effectively and 2 left of the eye box (temple and check area). After going over sighting, grip and trigger control and the training you provided I witnessed immediate improvement’s. During the draw stroke live fire exercise I was shooting 45 cal bullets through their own holes in the center of the eye box, even the guy Rob and Jeff to my right were complimenting me on how nice the hole was in the paper. A big difference from the first set of exercises where there were many magic marker circles on my paper. So I can point to a direct result of your training and for that I thank you and I’m glad you came down to LI for the day.


Similarly your staff was great, Rob was very helpful and knowledgeable as well, I would also like to mention Tom, he was amazing, he displayed a tough exterior but I noticed him constantly showing high levels of generosity, he offered anything he had from advise to drinks to help out a group of strangers (well half were strangers).


Overall I really associated with your training, it falls in line with a lot of the research I have done myself and I found it to be very accurate. Well I feel like I’ve blown a lot of smoke up your ass, but the truth is most people haven’t done the research and don’t truly understand violence and at a glance I can tell that you have put in the time and I appreciate that.


Thank you,
Robert M., Farmingville NY




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  1. Paula Fabbie says:

    It has been a week since our (rainy) day of training, and I am still reviewing all I learned from the concealed carry course. My advise to anyone with a conceal carry permit is simple, “Don’t leave home (with your pistol), without this live fire course!” The course taught essential handgun skills that you can practice and hone. I especially appreciated the practice drills and qualifications. The practical defense and safety material was informative and well presented. This course should be mandatory for all licensed to carry a handgun.

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