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EJ Weeks

EJ Weeks – Lead Instructor In-Extremis Medical Skills, Assistant Instructor Designated Firearms Courses

Born and raised in New Hartford, NY EJ is a graduate of Utica College; holding a bachelors of science in health studies with a concentration in Human Behavior. Upon graduation EJ enlisted in the US Army and served his time as an Airborne Infantryman within a Reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition unit. As part of the 82nd Airborne’s Global Response Force EJ deployed to Haiti following the 2009 earthquake to provided High Risk Personnel Security for civilian medical teams. EJ then deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 to provide counter insurgency as well as conduct combat operations in Kandahar Province.


EJ is a former Deputy Sheriff and current part time Law Enforcement Officer. He is employed full time as an instructor for a government agency; instructing law enforcement officers as well as military personnel in several tactical disciplines.


During his military and law enforcement career he has received numerous certifications and continues to train in several disciplines.

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