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InfoSec & PerSec Considerations

Information Security & Personal Security Considerations  Four years ago if you told me the NSA was monitoring everything I do online and otherwise I probably would have laughed and asked why they would be watching me? Today, its irrelevant why,… Continue Reading →

Trigger Speed Development

Trigger Speed Development Have you ever seen someone who shoots fast and maintains accuracy? Most shooters can be accurate, but once they go fast, that accuracy quickly opens up, and the target looks more like a round of buckshot was… Continue Reading →

Multidisciplinary Proficiency

THE MULTI-DISCIPLINARY PRACTITIONER MDTS advocates a multi-disciplinary approach to training; we do not have to be an expert at one single skill, but strive to be proficient at certain core personal protection skill sets. The defensive arts for a well… Continue Reading →

AR15 Optics: Considerations, Tips & TTPs

AR15 Optics: Considerations, Tips & TTPs By CPT Luke Slatton   During my career in the military I was fortunate enough to use a wide variety of optics on the M-4 weapon system. While all of these generally performed well,… Continue Reading →

In-Extremis Medical

  It’s becoming more and more common to see shooters on the range with some type of small, portable, on or off-body personal med kit. This is a good trend brought on by the advent of excellent tactical medical training… Continue Reading →

Federal Flight Control 00Buck

We are huge fans of the Federal Flight control buckshot for home defense. Check out this video on some of the penetration characteristics and patterning of this load at 40 yards.

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