Product Background

The ModuLoader Pocket Shield was conceived by Chris Fry, owner of MDTS Training, and was co-developed with, and manufactured by Raven Concealment Systems.

The Pocket Shield is a flexible, modular platform which allows an individual to securely and discreetly carry a small defensive implement (such as a firearm, pistol magazine, fixed-blade or folding knife, flashlight, canister of pepper spray, expandable baton or other impact weapon, multi-tool, etc) inside the front pocket of jeans or dress pants without visible pocket clips or printing.

The Pocket Shield is shaped to ride comfortably in the front pocket of most pants, and provides consistent orientation within the pocket to facilitate quick-access and deployment of an individual’s light or weapon. The platform is made from flexible, high-strength polymer that conforms to the shape of the user’s body for all-day carry comfort; yet it is rigid enough to remain anchored securely inside the pocket during strenuous movement or weapon deployment.

The unique mounting slots on the Pocket Shield allow users to attach nearly any small knife sheath or pocket holster to the platform at a wide range of angles. It can even be trimmed by the user to facilitate achieving a full fighting grip on the weapon or to fit in smaller pockets.

The Pocket Shield not only provides a stable platform – it masks the profile of whatever is attached to it. This is especially important for those who must wear dress pants or other garments made with thin, clingy material.

Prototypes and pre-production units of the ModuLoader Pocket Shield have been tested and fielded both domestically and abroad in a variety of non-permissive environments, with excellent results. This simple tool is a must-have for anyone conducting low-profile/no-profile missions.

Like all RCS products, the ModuLoader Pocket Shield is 100% U.S.-made, and is covered by our unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Gun Nuts Media Review

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End-User Reviews

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MPS User Tips, Tricks & Possibilities

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MPS with spyderco delica clipped to shield. Note the approximate location vs. being clipped to the pocket. The MPS allows inside the pocket concealment with consistent position and orientation allowing rapid access and deployment even though its inside the pant pocket.

The Moduloader Pocket Shield (MPS) is highly customizable; how and what you attach to the MPS is only limited by your imagination. Here are some pics with various set ups from beta-testers and end-users utilizing a variety of attachments methods and configurations.

Some best practices for attaching items to the pocket shield include:

1. Knife, multitool or flashlight integrated clip

2. Chicago screws for small fixed blade sheath attachments

3. Paracord with the interior cordage removed thus flattening the exterior paracord sheath

4. small zip ties

5. Hook & loop velcro

6. Shock cord

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.41.24 AM

Ban Tang Titanium Clinch Pick, Fisher Space Pen, Streamlight Microlight and Spyderco Delica mounted to MPS

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.44.35 AM

SIG P238 in Dark Star Gear “Half Shell” Holster mounted to MPS

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.36.27 AM

Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed universal mag pouch with M&P 9MM reload mounted to MPS

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.43.43 AM

Special Circumstances Maleficus mounted to MPS via shock cord

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.37.49 AM

Aerko Punch2 Pepper Spray with RCS Pocket Clip, Kershaw Cryo 2 and Streamlight Microlight on MPS

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.38.31 AM

Glock42 in Dark Star Gear “Half Shell” holster mounted to MPS


Smith&Wesson 642 mounted on MPS via a Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard2

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.36.59 AM

Boker/Coye Ridgeback fixed blade, Streamlight Microlight and Fisher Space Pen mounted on MPS for EDC

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.38.55 AM

Brock Custom 9in OAL fixed blade mounted to Gen1 MPS via paracord with inner cordage removed

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.39.09 AM

End-user with Brock custom 9in OAL fixed blade mounted to MPS concealed in dominant side pocket


Velcro hook and loop attachment: TW Brands Gear G10 Covert Defender “Minnow” nonmetallic knife and sheath mounted to grey MPS. This configuration is completely nonmetallic.


Velcro hook and loop attachment: TW Brands Gear G10 Covert Defender “Minnow” nonmetallic knife and sheath mounted to grey MPS. This configuration is completely nonmetallic.

These are but a few examples of what can be carried on the MPS and how you may attach your every day carry (EDC) weapons, tools and items to the shield.

Ride height and angle of the item you attach can be adjusted utilizing the horizontal cut outs.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.21.55 PM

Cold Steel Secret Edge in custom Bladerigs sheath attached to MPS along with Pelican 1910 flashlight and Fisher Space Pen. Note the ride height.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.22.11 PM

Same set up but now ride height in pocket is adjusted downward by moving the clip.

Molding the Pocket Shield

The ModuLoader Pocket Shield is made with a moldable, high strength polymer that will conform to the end-users leg inside the pocket. Eventually, different thicknesses of the shield will be available for purchase. Some may prefer a thinner shield while others, who may want to mount heavier EDC items, may desire a thicker or firmer shield. Hand molding the shield to the desired curvature based upon your body type and shape is easy to do and the polymer will eventually “set” to the curvature you want. One trick we have found to facilitate this setting process faster is to rubber band the shield overnight, similar to “brimming” an old school baseball cap.


Simply taking a rubber band and wrapping around shield or shields once items are attached will, over a night or two, “set” the moldable polymer to the desired curvature.


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